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Award winning underwear designed for dignity during:

  • Smear tests 

  • Gynaecology appointments 

  • Screening 

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Leta-lux underwear


When I used my Leta-lux it was comfortable considering the mechanism and they made a difference.


 The first time I used my Leta-lux I found my voice and l talked to my nurse. I felt the usual uncomfortable parts of the procedure but dignity was not an issue. It was easy and quick to dress myself and my nurse didn’t get obstructed by my pants at all. 


Just to say a big thank you for my Leta-lux parcel. What a fabulous quality product and so pretty and feminine.


 These are so comfortable and easy to use. I felt so much better not having to take off my knickers during the procedure. It removed some of the awkwardness and made the procedure much better for me. I couldn't recommend it enough.


Oh my, the experience was amazing 👏 when I got in there I was so relaxed and wearing a dress, it made it even easier to unbuckle and  buckle back so quickly and it made me feel so confident in talking to the nurse and telling her how I felt about the pants and gave her the leaflets and she said she will give to the other nurse and will put one at the reception and she said she will get one for herself ,she said what a brilliant idea.  I actually enjoyed my experience ☺



Leta-lux underwear makes it possible to keep your pants on during medical examination.

Do you feel embarrassed, overexposed, worried or helpless when attending smear tests or any examination?

You are not alone, I felt all those those feelings and even cancelled appointments.


Leta-lux is passionate about giving you some control during a smear test, through lingerie that has a detachable front crotch letting you stay covered elsewhere. This is the World's first smear test lingerie. 
There is more to Leta-lux visit  About us page.

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Cervical screening

Barriers for African women aged 25- 35

  • Lack of advice from trusted elders in the community

  • Lack of open health discussions within families and communities

  • Unspoken rules around health and respect of adult’s privacy

  • Marriage expectations and values

  • Fear, worry, embarrassment and procedure expectations



Most young women take advise from their elders and in our community most intimate things are not open for discussions. It feels embarrassing to even start the conversation and when you get invited for a smear test the easiest response is to not attend.


Families do not have open discussions about health, girls go to their aunties who have the role to get them ready for marriage. If aunties do not know anything that is the same thing that gets passed on.


In African communities it is at times considered rude to ask for someone’s diagnosis and most people living in UK have grown up with that culture. This means cervical screening is not open to talking about and if there is a cancer diagnosis most people hide it for a while. In Africa most people got sick and died but as a young person you would not know the causes or even what medical interventions were taken or an option.


This leads to most women being less confident to explore their bodies with their partners, friends, or medical professionals. It is all because it feels embarrassing, and you worry what they think about you more than any help you need.


This is written from a lived experience.

Cervical screening

Smear test!

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Women in Business and Innovation Awards have given me an amazing opportunity to meet new people and learn from the best. Hard work when recognised has the ability to grow wings and affect other people around you. This is the power of recognising others and changing our world one person at a time. Thank you to all the sponsors and event organisers for making it possible.

Here is a few of those amazing companies serving our community: University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Morningside Pharmaceuticals, Business Gateway and Leicestershirelive. 

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