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How We Got Here

Leta-lux was developed from a personal experience that left me looking for options to improve my experience of the procedure. I could not stop attending my appointments because they are essential and can save my life. I asked how others felt and I was not alone and it encouraged me to look for something I can do in the situation. 

 It took many years to finally trying out a detachable front crotch. The product has had a few trials that were ruled out on comfort and practicality.  To get to this result is a big achievement and testing it has been so much fun. 

I hope to hear your Leta-lux experience and let's encourage each other to get our tests done. 

Our aim is to continue listening to our customers and improving our service to you.



Leta-lux is passionate about supporting different causes by donating 10% of sales in a chosen period as follows:
Donation to cancer research during screening awareness week.
Donations to support families affected by cervical cancer.
Donations to local charities.
We also partner with Eco-rev world to offset our carbon emissions by planting trees.

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